1% Pledge

As a company, we seek to make places more valuable – for the people who use them, but also in financial terms for our clients. We recognise that the commercial success of our business is linked to that of our clients, and we work hard on their behalf.

We also see ourselves as a community of purpose within a bigger context, and recognise the privileges and responsibilities involved in the work we do. We feel strongly that helping make places more valuable should translate into making the world a better place. Rather than leaving this as a vague and cliche-sounding wish, we have chosen to pledge 1% of our turnover – not profit which can be manipulated – to causes that we feel relate strongly to the work we do. Our employees choose those causes themselves, often as a result of being directly involved with a particular charity.

This pledge does not include any work we do pro bono on behalf of charities – such as our ongoing relationship with Friends of Ibba Girls School – but is measured specifically in financial giving.
This is something we have chosen to do in response to being fortunate enough to be able to do so. It feels right that our commercial success not only rewards us, but can also help other communities and our environment – the bigger ‘place’ that we all belong to.

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1% Pledge

We pledge 1% of our annual turnover in financial donations to charities helping to make the world a better place

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